From German War to Jewish Peace

My Life Journey From the Waffen-SS to Orthodox Judaism

PUBLICATION DETAILS:Pages: 234 pagesISBN: 979-8-9861079-4-3Publication Date: June 2023

Helmut von Schweitzer, now Yitzchak, was born in Gneixendorf, Austria, in 1926. After moving to Germany in 1935 with his family, he was in the Hitler Youth and then enlisted in the Waffen-SS. He was called up for training and war service on the Russian front in late 1944 and 1945. After the war ended, he became a POW in London until 1948. He studied in the London School of Economics, and worked for John Lewis Partnership and ITT New York before settling in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is married with five children and, with his wife Rivka and their children Gretta and Karl, converted to orthodox Judaism in 1984. He currently lives with his family in London.